Why do Teenagers Fight?

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November 5, 2009 • Roberta Lopez, Saintinel Staff Writer  
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Let’s say you are walking down the hall at Jefferson High School, and all of a sudden some one bumps into you. Now, you have the option of reacting in a negative way because you think this person did it on purpose, or simply think positive and turn the other way because it was probably an accident.

Seeing students misinterpret a situation is complicated. It sometimes can mislead other students in the school by setting an example that it is ok to fight, and it’s not. “Students fight because they don’t know how to express their feelings and maturity is taken over board,” says security guard Murray.

According to Raised Voices, there are a couple main reasons why teenagers fight. One of the reasons is anger.  Most teens take their anger momentum off on another peer because they are young so usually they don’t think of the situation before it happens. Another reason is gangs. Gang violence is common for teens because most don’t feel loved.  Teens aren’t getting enough attention from family or friends and in order to feel loved or wanted they believe they need to join a gang.

“Students fight because of other students talking [stuff], or maybe the other student is causing problems between friends or relationships,” lamented freshmen Darlene Vasquez. It’s common knowledge that more freshman get into fights than upper classmen. One reason could be most of our upper classmen are more worried about what’s in the classroom then what’s going on outside of it.

Seeing new students (freshmen) attending JHS makes you realize that at one point we all were freshmen just trying to find a way to fit in, and being upper classmen we have to set an example for the freshman. We as a student body can’t odd the freshmen out because they’re new, just simply welcome new students with open minds.

Most of the juniors at JHS have noticed that the number of fights have decreased since their freshman year. “The reason this being is, students hear the rules and expectations repetitively everyday therefore; the culture of the school has changed,” says advisor Yolanda Ortega.

Sources:  According to the source Raise Voices, http://cds.aas.duke.edu/exhibits/past/raisedvoices/rvindex.html.


2 Responses to “Why do Teenagers Fight?”

  1. Ms. Webb on November 20th, 2009 3:51 pm

    Excellent article and very well written. There were some great insights and I know that many students can learn a lesson from this piece :-)


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  2. Mr. Shipp on December 16th, 2009 1:44 pm

    Fighting is soo stupid! All it does is end up in people being hurt or in trouble or both. I am proud to say that I haven’t even seen a fight at JHS this year! What a positive change from last year when I certainly couldn’t say the same.


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